Battery Hill Mining Centre

Outback Northern Territory

Experience life in Tennant Creek's 1930s gold rush at this mining centre, which doubles as the visitor information centre, 2km east of town. There are underground mine tours and audio tours of the 10-head battery. In addition there is a superb Minerals Museum and a Social History Museum as well.

While you're here, ask for the key ($20 refundable deposit) to the old Telegraph Station, which is just off the highway about 12km north of town. This is one of only four of the original 11 stations remaining in the Territory. Just north of the Telegraph Station is the turn-off west to Kundjarra (The Pebbles), a formation of granite boulders like a miniature version of the better-known Devil's Marbles found 100km south. It's a sacred women's Dreaming site of the Warumungu, so please respect all signage at the site.

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