Pungalina–Seven Emu Wildlife Sanctuary

Top choice in Outback Northern Territory

Pungalina–Seven Emu represents a groundbreaking collaboration between the Australian Wildlife Conservancy and local traditional owners, merging wildlife conservation with a working cattle station in an area rich in coastal rainforest, mangroves, eucalyptus woodlands, wetlands and thermal springs.

The sanctuary is home to a recorded 209 bird species and 48 mammals, among them little-known species such as the Carpentarian pseudantechinus (a small carnivorous marsupial), along with northern brown bandicoots, dingoes and a host of wallaby and rock-wallaby species. Birds to watch out for include the Gouldian finch, red goshawk and purple-crowned fairy wren.

The sanctuary covers 3060 sq km and includes 55km of Gulf shoreline and 100km of the Calvert River. Seven Emu Station makes a good base.