Everyone has different travel styles. While some prefer to immerse themselves in local cultures, others opt for an all-expenses paid resort vacation. Someone you enjoy spending time with in your regular day-to-day life could be a complete mismatch when it comes to travel. Next time you’re considering someone as a possible travel companion, consult the stars to see how your zodiac signs affect compatibility.

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Up-for-it Aries steers a course while Libra kicks back and relaxes © cowardlion / Shutterstock


As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries is an independent trailblazer who loves to break new ground. They might be the type to pack their itinerary full of activities to avoid FOMO later on.

Laidback Libra is Aries’ perfect travel match as they’re likely to let this fiery sign take the lead. If Aries’ bold approach fails to impress locals, amicable Libra will be there to keep the peace. 


Symbolized by the bull, Taurus can be stubborn in their ideas and moves at their own pace. As an earth sign, they gravitate towards sensual pleasures, from exotic foods to sunbathing on a remote beach.

Cancer loves to take the comforts of home with them wherever they go, making them an ideal travel buddy for Taurus. Neither will need much convincing to take a day off from sight-seeing to lounge by the hotel pool.

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Gemini and Sagittarius love to chew the fat after an eventful day traveling © Jaroslav Moravcik / Shutterstock


A social butterfly and eternal student of life, Gemini has a tendency to bore easily. They should build flexibility into their travel itineraries so that they’re free to follow their ever-evolving moods.

Sagittarius is motivated by knowledge and adventure, so they won’t mind when Gemini changes plans last minute, as long as it involves a new experience. These two signs will love rehashing their favorite activities at the end of a jam-packed day.


Symbolized by the crab, Cancer can sometimes be a homebody. They’ll gravitate towards slow-paced destinations with friendly locals who make them feel welcome.

Virgo excels at taking the lead and will gladly handle the daily details that might overwhelm sensitive Cancer. Both of these signs appreciate self-care in different ways. Virgo will make sure Cancer is keeping healthy habits abroad, while Cancer will force Virgo to slow down and unwind.

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Two laughing girls take a winter selfie outside the Savior on Spilled Blood church in Saint Petersburg, Russia.
Selfie-mad Leo and Aries are a perfect travel match © View Apart / Shutterstock


Just like the lion that acts as this sign’s patronus, Leo has a way of making their presence known. Driven by their heart’s pursuits, Leo gravitates towards lively environments where their creativity can shine.

Aries is similarly independent and won’t be threatened by Leo’s tendency to steal the spotlight. It’s one of the few signs that can match Leo’s pace and will benefit from going off-route to follow Leo’s meandering curiosity.


It can be difficult to convince dedicated Virgo to take time off. This is a sign that is intentional about how they care for themselves, but also wants to help others live their best lives. Replenishing trips that involve humanitarian causes will prove attractive to this sign.

This makes Virgo well-matched with Gemini, an air sign that thrives on connection. Both signs are ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, travel, and commerce, making them skilled multi-taskers and quick thinkers: two traits that will serve their journey well. 


The Venus-ruled sign of Libra is inspired by beauty, artistic pursuits, and harmonious living. They’ll have no trouble making friends during their travels and will appreciate destinations that showcase the world’s natural wonders.

Imaginative Pisces shares similar qualities and will be happy to join Libra in search of utopia. Both of these signs take a relaxed approach to decision-making and won’t mind making plans on the fly. 


Perhaps the most mysterious sign of the zodiac, Scorpio is motivated to get to the heart of a matter, as uncomfortable as that might be. They’ll be drawn to trips that help them uncover hidden histories to better understand their place in the world.

Capricorn also prefers depth over the superficial. Hard work doesn’t intimidate these signs, and they’ll be happy to hike, climb, or rappel alongside each other if it means scaling a new peak. 

A young male couple looking into the Grand Canyon in Arizona, USA.
Aquarius won't get offended if Sagittarius looks in a different direction © peterotoole / Getty Images


Symbolized by the archer, Sagittarius always has their eye on the next adventure. This ambitious fire sign is motivated by new experiences and will happily go off-course in pursuit of the unknown.

Aquarius is similarly unpredictable and thrives on intellectual challenges. They’ll be happy to go along with Sagittarius’ hare-brained ideas and neither sign will be offended when the other wanders off on their own. 


Strategic Capricorn never met a mountain they couldn’t climb, even if they had to employ unlikely methods to reach the top. Never one to back away from a challenge, Capricorn sometimes has to be reminded that it’s okay to relax. 

That makes lackadaisical Taurus the perfect companion to balance out Capricorn’s strident nature. Once Capricorn sets aside some much-needed time for unwinding, they’ll be motivated to become the laziest bum on the beach.

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Go-getter Capricorn needs chilled Taurus to help them unwind on vacation © Kzenon / Shutterstock


Aquarius is an unconventional air sign that doesn’t mind standing out. They see value in our differences and are motivated to unveil common threads that help us better relate to one another. They’ll prefer excursions that introduce them to alternative lifestyles and inspire change in their daily lives.

Scorpio will appreciate Aquarius’ inquisitive nature and have plenty of ideas for how to make their trip one-of-a-kind. They’ll challenge each other to release inhibitions and venture outside their comfort zones.


As the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces carries the wisdom of all the signs that come before it. That doesn’t mean that Pisces is more evolved than the rest of the signs, just more able to empathize with each one’s unique struggles. This intuitive water sign will favor cooperative communities with plenty of art and beauty to explore.

While Leo might be more extroverted than Pisces, both signs thrive in social settings. Pisces will help Leo slow down to form authentic connections and Leo will encourage pliable Pisces to break away from the flow to follow their own stream. 

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This article was first published Apr 22, 2019 and updated Apr 22, 2020.

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