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So, you want to start taking more professional photos?

Before you commence your epic adventure, camera in hand, take into account these five key points provided by our editor of photography.

1. Get your hands on a digital SLR. The cameras will help you take high quality images with a high level of creative control and you’ll have access to a range of lenses.

2. Pre-planning and research. Before you shoot, scout out key vantage points in a city or landscape and try to pre-visualise what you want to achieve in your images.

3. Simple, bold compositions work best. Move in closer to fill the frame or try placing your subject off centre for a more interesting image. Try not to clutter your shot with extraneous objects that will detract from your main subject.

4. Use light creatively. Try photographing in the earlier or later parts of the day when the sun is lower and less harsh. Shooting into the light can also create interesting lighting effects.

5. Incorporate people into the shot. Be it classic portraiture or candid snaps, people shots will liven up your travel images. In urban settings people are essential to convey the feel and story of the city.

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