Looking for a gift for someone who loves travel and is keen to make sustainable choices? We've got you covered. 

From reusable bags for shopping Europe's best markets to toothpaste and shampoo that minimizes plastic and luggage that is stylish, useful and incredibly eco-conscious, we're happy to recommend these products and even more excited to find more companies every year broadening their practices and embracing ethical consumerism.

BAGGU's small reusable shopping bags in a variety of colorful prints
This little guy is a must have for inside every bag

1. Baggu reusable bags

Recommended by Sarah Stocking, Lonely Planet editor

These reusable bags have been a staple in my luggage since my New York City aunt introduced them to me 20-odd years ago – she would stash them in her handbag so she always had a shopping bag, just in case. My grandmother and I thought it was genius, and they've traveled with me ever since. Sure, there are other brands, but Baggu is the most reliable, plus they’re easy to clean and come in all kinds of sizes and colors. No more plastic shopping bags for me!

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A Pela phone case, tan background with pink and brown jagged mountain-like lines
Pela phone case, the best part is the case is 100 percent compostable

2. Pela phone cases

From $59.95

Pela is a sustainable and eco-friendly company to watch and these phone cases are dreamy. Stylish and useful they are 100 percent compostable making your dream of a plastic-free life one step closer to attainable. Using state-of-the-art engineering and materials, Pela is working towards creating products that contribute to a waste-free future and that is a mission Lonely Planet definitely endorses.

A bottle of Bite toothpaste tablets
Toothpaste bits from Bite means no more plastic tubes

3. Bite toothpaste bits

Recommended by Sarah Stocking, Lonely Planet editor

Is mine the only family that gifts dental hygiene equipment for Christmas?  These toothpaste bits come in recyclable and reusable containers so you don't contribute to the billions of toothpaste tubes clogging the waterways. Now is the perfect opportunity to give them a try.

SpiraLeaf's shampoo and conditioner bars
A full-in-shower shampoo and conditioner in solid bars

4. Spiraleaf shampoo and conditioner bars


These package free shampoo and conditioner bars are surprisingly effective, and you can use them to the very last sliver, so they're much better for the environment than bottles. Another bonus? They don't explode en route and leak all over your favorite lotions.

Stojo's collapsible On the Go coffee cup
Stojo collapsible coffee cup makes a perfect stocking filler 

5. Stojo 16oz collapsible coffee cup

Recommended by Sarah Stocking, Lonely Planet editor

A colleague came back from a trip to Australia  and suggested everyone in the office purchase one of these collapsible cups – apparently they’re all the rage there. We love that they fit into a neat little disk (so easy to store in your backpack or handbag!) and have a straw. It’s been great to feel environmentally responsible while indulging in coffee drinks.

Patagonia's Black Hole duffel bag in red
Patagonia black hole duffel,  fits in everything you need with space left over

6. Patagonia Black Hole duffel

Recommended by Sarah Stocking, Lonely Planet editor
From $159

These duffel bags are truly phenomenal. We have one of each size and use them as luggage for four people – I can wrangle a kid and manage two of them fairly easily. They’re lightweight, easy to pack and allow you to carry a ton; they’re comfortable to wear as backpacks, no matter the size, and the straps are easy to attach; and they’re made from recycled materials, which is a win for our family.

A brunette woman wearing NorthFace's cream-colored City Breeze Rain Parka II
NorthFace parka, a rain coat that is truly waterproof

7. NorthFace Women's City Breeze Rain Parka II


We love NorthFace for their awesome gear and forward-thinking approach to ethical consumerism, and this parka only proves our point. Wind-proof, waterproof and sustainably made from recycled materials, it has a stylish A-line cut for city breaks, and it’s rugged enough to stand up to rainy hikes in the wilderness as well.

A brown cork yoga mat, seen both unrolled and rolled up
Scoria Cork mat comes with a carry strap 

8. Scoria Travel Essential cork yoga mat

From $69 (currently reduced to $59) 

In our mission to explore everyday, it's important to honor our practices while traveling, and with a company ethos encouraging playfulness alongside environmental awareness, Scoria is a brand we here at Lonely Planet can get behind. ​​This yoga mat is thin and packable, and, made from sustainably harvested cork and rubber with no plastic packaging, it packs a serious eco-friendly punch with its easy-to-carry prowess.

Stasher's platinum silicone food-grade reusable storage bag in mint green
Food, travel, baby, beauty items can all be neatly carried in Stasher bags

9. Stasher bags

Recommended by Anne Zalatoris, Lonely Planet lead account manager
From $8

These reusable, non-toxic bags are the perfect replacement for Ziplocs or Gladware. They're great for on-the-go snacking and come in an array of cute colors, plus they're dishwasher-safe (so easy to clean!) and microwave-safe too. You can even put them directly in the oven.

Offbeat will inspire adventures for 2023                                                   

10. Offbeat 


The perfect book for a travel enthusiast - this coffee table book delves beyond the classic bucket list; picking 100 amazing places away from the tourist trails.  Packed with practical  first timer tips and stunning images, it will make you want to head straight to the Departure Gates.  

11. Dieux Skin Forever Eye Mask 

Recommended by Sasha Brady, Lonely Planet editor
From $25

Myself and senior news editor Melissa Yeager are obsessed with these reusable silicone eye masks to make us look more alert after a red-eye. Unlike most sheets masks, these don’t come with additional wasteful packaging and can be reused after every use so they’ll last a long time. Simply drench them in your favorite serums and eye gels and hold them close to the under eye area for maximum absorption.

The cover of Lonely Planet's Sustainable Travel Handbook
 Sustainable Travel Handbook offers practical tips to reduce your carbon emissions

12. The Sustainable Travel Handbook


This practical and inspiring guide, the latest in our popular Handbook series, motivates travelers to take a responsible approach to the impact of traveling. Whether you’re looking to reduce your carbon emissions, enjoy more a responsible wildlife-watching experience, harness culinary tourism for good or enjoy an eco-friendly city break, this guide has got you covered. 

Packed with easily-digestible advice compiled by a sustainable travel expert, eco-conscious travelers will be introduced to a wide variety of destinations offering culture, wildlife, luxury, adventure, wellness and much more, as well as subjects such as the development of electric transport, how to reduce your plastic waste and the best ways to visit explore sacred indigenous culture respectfully.

Coalatree's Kachula adventure blanket with a floral print on navy background
The coalatree Kachula is perfect for camping trips 

13. Coalatree Kachula adventure blanket

Recommended by Kesi Irivin, founder of Kesi To & Fro 

I love the Kachula adventure blanket because it's so versatile: it's a water-resistant blanket, pillow and poncho, all in one – convenient to travel with and easy to pack. Made entirely from recyclable goods, it'll keep you cozy whether you're on a plane or watching Netflix on the couch.

A woman seen from the back, holding a purple-and-white striped bath towel
A handwoven towel is lightweight and perfect for the beach

14. The Little Market handwoven bath towels

Recommended by  Erin Lenczycki, Lonely Planet photo editor

Backpacking with microfiber towels gets tiring, and they don't work well for the beach. I bought some of these handwoven towels instead, and now I'm obsessed: they're lightweight, dry incredibly fast and feel so luxurious like I'm on the French Riviera, not Coney Island. Plus, they're made by an organization dedicated to sustainable employment, access to healthcare and a savings fund for the creators.

The grey Re:move duffle bag from Soho New York
A duffel bag is a must for many trips

15. Solo New York Re:move duffle

Recommended by Jenn Chan, luxury travel, beauty and style expert and on-air host

I've finally found the best weekender duffle bag, and it just so happens to be stylish, eco-conscious and ultra-lightweight too! Made from recycled PET bottles and other recycled materials, this travel essential has a clever compartment for absolutely everything.

An emerald green stainless steel tumbler from Byta
Outdoor cocktail on the go stay cold in Byta tumblers

16. Byta stainless-steel tumblers

Recommended by Anne Zalatoris, Lonely Planet lead account manager

Byta's 16oz tumbler is the perfect size for water, coffee or even outdoor cocktails on the go – high quality, cute and sustainable, it fits perfectly in cup holders and keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. (Ice doesn't even melt!) Pair it with one of the brand's stainless steel straws, and customize it with your name or a phrase. And if you need something bigger, the 30oz version is great for hot yoga and hiking.

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This article was first published November 2020 and updated November 2022

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