If you have someone in your life who is obsessed with travel, whether they love adventures in exotic far-flung locations or even just taking weekend breaks close to home, you're sure to find something in this list that will make their trip easier. From luggage tracking devices to items that will make flying in coach feel like business class, these gifts for under $100 should suit your favorite explorer no matter where they end up.

1. Apple Air Tags 

Recommended by Sasha Brady, Lonely Planet digital editor
(1 for $39 or a 4-pack for $99)

Apple Air Tags.jpg
Apple Air Tags can work as tracking devices for luggage

The amount of lost luggage surged in 2022, in what was a chaotic year for air travel — with passengers going weeks or more without their bags. With air travel chaos set to spill into 2023, you can bet that missing luggage will continue to be a problem. That's why it might be a good idea to get a device like the Apple Air Tag, which can be packed in your baggage and paired to your iPhone’s ‘Find My’ radar, to help you locate your bag should it end up on the missing list.

Ugg Tasman Slipper in Chestnut
Keep your feet cozy on a flight with UGG Tasman Slippers

2. UGG Tasman Slipper

Recommended by Sasha Brady, Lonely Planet digital editor

These sheepskin slippers are all over my TikTok and Instagram feeds and for good reason — they’re so cozy, like little hugs for your feet. I don’t like wearing shoes or sneakers on airplanes but I would never go barefoot so these UGG slippers, which kind of look like regular footwear, are the answer if I want to be comfy on my flight without looking sloppy.

They come in sizes for men, women and children and can be used indoors and outdoors. They’re handy too for camping or even padding around your hotel room.

Hive Games.jpg
Hive Pocket games will help you while away hours in airport lounges 

3. Hive Pocket

Recommended by Sebastian Modak, Lonely Planet editor-at-large

On the carpeted floor of airport terminals, in the space between coffee cups at a cafe, on the sticky counter of a dive bar: Hive Pocket is a two-player game designed to be played on the go. It’s easy to learn and hard to master, featuring a set of tiles depicting bugs that each have a different ability. Endlessly replayable and easy to bring just about anywhere, it might even replace that deck of cards that lives permanently in your backpack.

Beige weekender bag
Béis Weekender Bag in beige

4. Béis Weekender Bag

Melissa Yeager, Lonely Planet senior news editor

Some trips, like a journey on a small aircraft or a multi-day catamaran cruise, require a soft-sided bag. I bought this weekender bag for one such journey.  I love how classy it looks while also having the separated bottom section for shoes or wet items and a padded section for a laptop.

Slip's pink-silk travel set, an eye mask on top of a pillow
Slip a Slip pure-silk sleep mask into your carry-on 

5. Slip pure-silk sleep mask

Recommended by Sarah Stocking, Lonely Planet digital editor

Full disclosure, I've wanted one of these sleep masks for a very long time. Silk is an anti-aging material, absorbing significantly less moisture than cotton – particularly important on an airplane – and it also reduces friction, so it glides along your skin instead of pulling around those sensitive eye areas. Also, it keeps out all the light, making sure your sleep is as refreshing as airplane sleep can possibly be. For an added bonus, get the pillowcase too. Store it in your luggage and have perfect hair and skin no matter where you're staying.

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A grey and red AeroPress Go travel coffee press
Take your favorite coffee on the road with AeroPress Go

6. AeroPress Go

Recommended by Sarah Stocking, Lonely Planet digital editor

I gave my husband an AeroPress for Christmas last year, and we've had perfect coffee every morning since. This year he's getting this little travel version so we can continue our morning traditions, even when we're on the road. I'm excited to try coffee purchased from coffee shops all over the world!

A Pela phone case, tan background with pink and brown jagged mountain-like lines
Pela phone cases are 100% compostable

7. Pela phone cases

Recommended by Sarah Stocking, Lonely Planet digital editor
From $39

A sustainable and eco-friendly company to watch, Pela uses state-of-the-art engineering and materials in an effort to create products that contribute to a waste-free future – something Lonely Planet definitely endorses. These dreamy phone cases are stylish and useful, and they're also 100% compostable, making your goal of a plastic-free life one step closer to attainable.

A person's legs seen from the knees down, wearing green, yellow and red–striped compression socks
Vim&Vigr compression socks come in various styles and colors

8. Vim&Vigr compression socks

Recommended by Alicia Johnson, Lonely Planet digital editor
From $36

We know, nothing quite says “I love you" like a pair of socks. But trust us, these are not your typical compression socks. Pick your favorite colorful pattern, material and even compression level to make your gift truly unique.  

Coalatree's Kachula adventure blanket with a floral print on navy background
Coalatree Kachula adventure blanket is made from recyclable goods

9. Coalatree Kachula adventure blanket

Recommended by Kesi Irivin, founder of Kesi To & Fro

I love the Kachula adventure blanket because it's so versatile: it's a water-resistant blanket, pillow and poncho all in one – convenient to travel with and easy to pack. Made entirely from recyclable goods, it'll keep you cozy whether you're on a plane or watching Netflix on the couch.

A composite shot featuring a woman on the left wearing Trtl's neck pillow to sleep, and a pair of legs hanging in a black foot hammock on the right
Who needs business class when you have a Foot hammock + Trtl Pillow Plus?

10. Foot hammock + Trtl Pillow Plus

Recommended by Alexis Gibson, Lonely Planet VP of partnerships
$70 + $13

You could make the argument that this DIY combination belongs in our luxury category: between the adjustable neck pillow and the foot rest that hangs from your tray table, it makes the middle seat feel like first class – and in fact, with these two items I slept the entire flight from JFK to Tokyo in a middle seat. Changed my life...

The Anker 622 Magnetic Battery in mint green, propped up with the kickstand
Leave your wires at home thanks to the Anker 622 Magnetic Battery 

11. Anker 622 Magnetic Battery

Recommended by Sebastian Modak, Lonely Planet editor-at-large

Wireless phone charging is the future — at least until something else comes around and makes us change out all of our accessories to keep up. Anker consistently makes reliable, supercharged power banks, and now the brand has innovated the whole category with a magnetic power bank, dubbed the MagGo portable charger. Compact and light, it has all the features of the power banks you're used to, like good ol' fashioned USB-C, but with a couple of added features, including easy integration with the new magnetic systems found in the iPhone 12 and 13 and a handy kickstand to keep the phone upright and viewable while it charges.

A Black woman with natural hair wearing a bright-red headwrap
No more bad hair days with Fanm Djanm headwraps

12. Fanm Djanm headwraps

Recommended by Alicia Johnson, Lonely Planet digital editor
From $38

Whether or not you’re having a bad hair day, these beautiful headwraps and bandanas come in a variety of colors and patterns and will make any outfit pop.

Lightweight Bath towel
The Little Market handwoven bath towels are made by a company with a sustainable focus

13. The Little Market handwoven bath towels

Recommended by Erin Lenczycki, Lonely Planet photo editor

Backpacking with microfiber towels gets tiring, and they don't work well for the beach. I bought some of these handwoven towels instead, and now I'm obsessed: They're lightweight, dry incredibly fast and feel so luxurious, like I'm on the French Riviera, not Coney Island. Plus, they're made by an organization dedicated to sustainable employment, access to healthcare and a savings fund for the creators.

the islands.jpg
 The Islands Book, Lonely Planet

14. The Islands Book


This stunningly illustrated book takes you on a journey around 150 of the world's islands and is an essential  reference book for any traveler. Each island is profiled with details of when to visit and what to do and see as well as an overview of the island’s backstory and some of the most beautiful photography that provides an insight into life on the island.

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This article was first published November 2020 and updated November 2022

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