Atlanta may be best known for its love for Coca-Cola, but the city also boasts an artistic atmosphere that provides some seriously scenic shots for your camera to capture. Go beyond the Fox Theatre’s overplayed sign and seek out these 10 spots for your social media feed.

Mural with image of child against a colorful background © Ni'Kesia Pannell / Lonely Planet
The colorful artwork along the Krog Street Tunnel © Ni'Kesia Pannell / Lonely Planet

Krog Street Tunnel

Looking for some eye-catching artistry while cruising the streets of A-Town? Head down to the Krog Street tunnel to catch some of the best graffiti and street art the city has to offer. Though the tunnel is an underground magnet for artists and art lovers alike, the neighborhoods it links – Cabbagetown and Inman Park – deliver their own eye-popping colors and awe-worthy wall art. The tunnel offers some low lighting, so getting a photo to commemorate your visit won’t be too difficult. If you like more natural light for your photos, however, you’ll want to snap the art on the walls leading up to the tunnel on both sides.

Neon red and white coca-cola emblem above a building at night © Ni'Kesia Pannell / Lonely Planet
Lit with more than 10,000 bulbs, this sign is a symbol of Atlanta © Ni'Kesia Pannell / Lonely Planet

The Coca-Cola sign

Since 2003, this vintage-style Coca-Cola sign has had a home atop the Olympia Building in the center of Atlanta, at Five Points. Standing a whopping 48 feet tall, the sign is an exact replica of the Coca-Cola sign that stood atop Atlanta’s Margaret Mitchell Square from 1948 to 1981 and holds more than 10,000 bulbs. If your focus is to highlight the red neon lights, head down to the Woodruff Park area on a weeknight for your best chance at finding parking nearby.

Nighttime shot of 'Atlanta' spelled out on the sides of the Phillips Arena © Ni'Kesia Pannell / Lonely Planet
Look closely and you'll see 'Atlanta' spelled out on the side of the Philips Arena © Ni'Kesia Pannell / Lonely Planet

Atlanta sign at Philips Arena

One of Atlanta’s primary landmarks, the Atlanta sign, is found in front of the Philips Arena. Since you won’t always be able to pull over on the bridge to get a photo, the best place to get a frame-worthy shot for your collection is the Gulch parking deck, located just a few feet away from the corner of Marietta Street and Centennial Olympic Park Drive. The top of the deck offers an unforgettable view.

Woman in silhouette in front of a red and black neon sign © Ni'Kesia Pannell / Lonely Planet
Little Trouble's neon sign is a great spot for a silhouette shot © Ni'Kesia Pannell / Lonely Planet

Little Trouble

Don’t let the name give you second thoughts about scouting out a photo here: Little Trouble’s neon sign has become one of the most-posted restaurant entrances in Atlanta on social media. The dark silhouettes and bright colors add to the ambience of this unique establishment. It’s tricky to get a photo of this busy spot that’s not rushed or full of other people, but if the place isn’t crowded, get the best photo by positioning your photographer a little way down the hall that leads to the sign. If that’s not possible, which it seldom is, get what you can when you can.

KFC store that looks like a giant chicken © Ni'Kesia Pannell / Lonely Planet
The world's most interesting KFC is located just outside Atlanta © Ni'Kesia Pannell / Lonely Planet

The Big Chicken

Found in Marietta – a short drive from the heart of Atlanta – The Big Chicken has been a roadside icon for more than 50 years. Constructed in 1963, this 56ft-tall steel structure, atop a KFC, is at Cobb Parkway and Roswell Road. Recent renovations have given the location new life. Night or sunset (after the lights are turned on) is the best time to capture it.

Mural in white and turquoise that looks like a 1980s boom box © Ni'Kesia Pannell / Lonely Planet
The bright, retro mural at the Music Room © Ni'Kesia Pannell / Lonely Planet

The Music Room Doors

Introduced as part of the popular venue’s new storefront in 2014, The Music Room’s boombox-painted doors have become a favorite place to pose for a quick snap. Since the underground bar and live music venue is usually most active when the sun goes down, your best bet for a people-free shot is to go during the day.

 A woman appears to be upside-down over a painted house © Ni'Kesia Pannell / Lonely Planet
Take a selfie at the upside-down house – then flip the pic for a 'how'd she do it' shot © Ni'Kesia Pannell / Lonely Planet

The Upside Down House

Located just a few steps away from The Music Room, the Upside Down House wall at 339 Edgewood Ave. (painted by Caroline Caldwell) is a reflection of Atlanta’s playful artistic spirit. Raise your arms toward the roof of the house – then, once you take your photo, flip the image so you look upside down instead of the house.

Large Ferris wheel in the center of Atlanta is lit up at night © Ni'Kesia Pannell / Lonely Planet
Atlanta's SkyView Ferris wheel makes an excellent nighttime snap © Ni'Kesia Pannell / Lonely Planet

SkyView Atlanta

If you’re searching for a way to capture the majority of Atlanta in one take, hopping on the SkyView Atlanta will be your best bet. The 200ft Ferris wheel opened in Centennial Park in 2013. Towering almost 20 stories, the colorful attraction offers breathtaking views of the city. Not interested in actually riding in one of the gondolas? You can capture an amazing photo of the wheel itself with both feet firmly on the ground. Just stand at the corner of Nassau Street and Centennial Olympic Park Drive.

The Atlanta skyline behind a shockingly quiet interstate on a sunny day © Ni'Kesia Pannell / Lonely Planet
Snap your panoramic skyline shot from the Jackson Bridge © Ni'Kesia Pannell / Lonely Planet

Jackson Street Bridge

The Jackson Street bridge offers an incomparable view of the Atlanta skyline. Nestled comfortably in the Historic Old Fourth Ward district, the bridge is right over Freedom Parkway. Whether taken while the sun is rising, at its peak, or has already set, you’re guaranteed to get a picturesque view of Atlanta with every shot. If you’re not trying to get the picture during a busy hour, you’ll be able to avoid a long walk by snagging some free street parking a few feet away from the bridge on Jackson Street.

Atlanta Braves stadium and rotating 'A' sign on a sunny day © Ni'Kesia Pannell / Lonely Planet
Atlanta loves its baseball team © Ni'Kesia Pannell / Lonely Planet

The Atlanta Braves sign at The Battery Atlanta

Leading up to the new SunTrust Park development, The Battery Atlanta is not only home to new shops, dining experiences and living quarters, but also to the Atlanta Braves baseball team. If you’re a big fan of the team, getting a picture of this sign with you underneath or just by itself will make you feel like you’re really at home in the Hollywood of the South. Parking in the red deck will get you closest to the sign’s location. Before you snap your picture, make sure the spinning 'A' logo is properly displayed and not in the middle of a turn.

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