You're home, we're home and sometimes reading another book or baking another loaf of bread just doesn't cut it anymore. Looking for something else to occupy your time and really make staying indoors more creative and perhaps a little challenging? DIY projects, particularly travel-related, are the perfect way to maintain your love of travel while staying indoors.  

These are our favorite travel-themed DIY projects.

A man leans back in an airplane seat wearing an eye cover and headphones. Next to him is another man with headphones and neck pillow.
Travel-related DIY projects are a perfect way to maintain your love of travel © SolStock / Getty Images

1. Travel pillow

Travel pillows have become a quintessential carry-on item when criss-crossing the globe. Turns out these comfy companions are pretty easy to make in your home (where we all find ourselves at the moment). Here's how to sew your own travel pillow courtesy of the Instructables website. For the visual learners out there, check out Crafty Gemini Creates video. Mattea from the blog, Ducttapeguitar, offers up an ingenious idea of using a travel pillow as a form of luggage. 

2. Passport cover

From chic, all-black options to zany, loud prints that TSA agents can spot from a mile away, passport covers are a fun way to display your personality. Instead of combing through countless websites looking for the passport cover that "speaks to you," try making your own. Here's a step-by-step tutorial courtesy of the Barefoot Blonde. And for those folks who can't sew, Deb Days and Adventures in Fashion will help you out. 

3. Eye mask 

Whether used to block out the sun, cabin lights or an annoying seatmate, eye covers are the perfect travel accessory. Though the basic pattern is the same, add a little flair with unique (yet comfy) fabrics. My Bluprint and Sleep Advisor offer comprehensive written steps for custom-made eye covers or follow along on Treasurie's video.  

4. Jewelry organizers 

Traveling with jewelry is always a roll of the dice. Will my favorite earring (it's always just one) get lost in the black hole that is my suitcase? Will that bracelet that goes with everything get crushed under the weight of all my clothes? Jewelry organizers are perfect solution to this problem. Check out Momtastic and Brit+Co for easy to follow tutorials. 

A woman wearing ripped jeans holds a white tote bag.
Use an old pair of jeans or leftover pieces of fabric to make your own tote bags © Cactus Studio / Shutterstock

5. Tote bag 

Sourced from an old pair of jeans or an assortment of unused pieces of fabric, the tote bag is a versatile travel accessory that appeals to everyone. Add pockets or a drawstring or braided straps to make this essential travel item a true reflection of your style. Crazy Little Projects is perfect for beginners. 

6. Toiletries storage

Washcloths take on a whole new meaning thanks to this practical DIY toiletries storage project courtesy of the blog Sparkles of Sunshine. Add a touch of homeliness with brightly-colored ribbons and ornately designed washcloth patterns. For a storage case with a bit more character, try The Crafty Gentleman's tutorial

7. Luggage tags

Often overlooked, homemade luggage tags are not only practical but also creative. Make a custom tag for everyone in your family or make multiple tags for every piece luggage you own. For a simple design try the Polished Habit's version or for something with a bit more sparkle, test out Bre's glitter luggage tags from Average but Inspired. 

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