As lockdowns and social distancing drags on, our favorite neighborhood cafes remain shuttered. We long for the days of visiting our favorite coffee shop to tuck into a good book or pound out a few emails while savoring a frothy latte. Until then, we'll have to step our coffee game at home. Luckily there are several coffee makers and accessories you can buy online to bring your favorite cafe experiences into your very own home.

From ultra-modern pour-over coffee makers to handy milk frothers, these are our favorite coffee accessories that will make you feel like you're back in your neighborhood cafe.

This article was first published April 2020 and updated September 2020

Bean grinder – Baratza Encore

A product image of the Baratza Encore coffee bean grinder

The first step in making a cafe-quality cup of coffee at home is starting with freshly ground beans. Simple yet effective, the Baratza Encore is one of the best bean grinders on the market. Put the beans in the top, turn the hopper to set the grind size and start grinding. With 40 different grind settings, the Encore is perfect for a variety of brewing styles, and the conical burr grinder ensures a uniform particle size, which aids in the extraction of flavor. Easy disassembly for cleaning and manufactured-supplied replacement parts if something goes awry means this will keep grinding beans for years to come.

Buy it for $139

Pour-over coffee maker – Chemex Six Cup Classic

A pour-over coffee maker highlights the finer qualities of a good bean from a local roaster. The Chemex Six Cup Classic Series is a longtime favorite of pour-over connoisseurs, both for its unique, stylish design (it’s featured in the Museum of Modern Art’s collection of product design) and ability to extract a clean, flavorful brew. The six-cup design is enough for two coffee drinkers, but Chemex also makes larger and smaller versions if you want to size-up or -down your dose.

Buy it for $45

Drip coffee maker – Oxo Brew 9 Cup

The OXO BREW 9 Cup Coffee Maker

If you’d rather the simplicity of a good drip coffee maker, then the OXO Brew 9 Cup is your best bet. An integrated shower head disperses hot water evenly over the grounds, ensuring a uniform saturation and flavor extraction, and an easy-to-set timer lets you prep your brew in advance and wake up to the smell of a fresh pot. Although the coffee maker’s footprint is rather large, the sleek design of the well-insulated carafe and single-button interface will justify making some room on your kitchen countertop.

Buy it for $200

Stovetop espresso – Bialetti Brikka 

A product shot of the Bialetti Brikka, a stovetop coffee maker

If you’re more of a cappuccino, latte or straight-up espresso coffee drinker, the cheapest quality espresso machines can run hundreds of dollars. But a solid budget option that can nearly simulate the flavor, strength and crema of a cup of espresso is the Bialetti Brikka. The Brikka is a stovetop coffee maker based on the “moka pot” design. Heated water creates pressure inside the pot, forcing steam and water through the coffee grounds. The result is the nearest thing to an espresso that you'll find without investing in some serious machinery.

Buy it for $45

Hand Frother - PowerLix Milk Frother

The PowerLix Milk Frother comes in a variety of colors and is easy to throw in your backpack or suitcase for camping or travel

A handheld milk frother can whip up your favorite cafe-style drink before you can say "cappuccino." The PowerLix Milk Frother is a powerful frother that uses an internal motor to vibrate a stainless-steel whisk. The motor runs at 19000 RPM, and it can whip barista-standard foam in just 15 seconds. An included stand makes for easy storage.

Buy it for $16

S'well Stainless Steel Traveler

The S'well Stainless Steel Traveler in teak is a handsome mug that's up for a journey

Whether you're digging into a novel with a nice, warm cup of coffee in your favorite cafe or trying to catch your train on time, S'well's Stainless Steel Traveler mug is up to the challenge. The handsome teak print gives a warm, cozy vibe, but the S'well comes in a variety of colors and finishes depending on your taste. The triple-layered, vacuum-insulated construction keeps beverages cold for 24 hours or hot for 12, without worrying about slips or spills.

Buy it for $30

French press – Espro P5

A lifestyle shot of the Espro P5 french press

For that rich, strong cup of joe, the Espro P5 is one of the best French presses around. A unique, double-layer micro filter sifts out coffee grounds better than other single-layer presses, and the result is a clean brew with loads of flavor and strength. A safety lock secures the class vessel inside the steel handle and cage, ensuring it doesn't slip out while pouring yet it remains easy enough to remove for cleaning.

Buy it now for $80

Cold brew kit – Toddy cold brew system

The Toddy Cold Brew System

Perfect for summertime, a delicious cold brew is light on acidity while remaining strong on flavor and caffeine. The Toddy Cold Brew System makes a coffee concentrate that can be mixed with water or ice later so you can dial in your preferred ratio. The company says the filtration system removes 67% of the acid present in typical brew methods, ensuring the resulting drink is smooth yet flavorful.

Buy it for $40

Copperbull Hammered Turkish Ibrik

As the Turkish saying goes, "Coffee should be black as hell, strong as death and sweet as love.” Achieve that proverbial cuppa with this attractive hammered copper cezve. It's lined with tin and has a wooden handle you can grip with confidence, even after heating up your crema on an electric or gas stove.

Buy now for $28.90

Bodum Melior Gooseneck Electric Water Kettle

The Bodum Melior Gooseneck Electric Water Kettle combines form and function

This handsome kettle will look as good on your countertop as your Chemex or French Press, while still offering excellent performance. The non-slip cork handle and lid knob protect your hands from the heat while offering an attractive contrast in textures with the matte black finish. The interior is food-grade stainless steel and the gooseneck spout gives you control over your pour – perfect for extracting every last ounce of flavor from your beans.

Buy it now for $29.96

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