Cerro El Centinela

The Pampas & the Atlantic Coast

For great views over Tandil and a relaxing afternoon hike, head 6km west of town to this hilltop park. There's a bakery, a restaurant with outdoor tables, and a chairlift (per person AR$130) that can whisk you further up the ridgeline (only open on weekends outside warm months). You can also rent a mountain bike (per hour AR$180) and roam the trails from the parking lot. Take a taxi.

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1. Parroquia Santísimo Sacramento

2.64 MILES

Built in 1878, Tandil's gorgeous central Catholic Church is decked out with arts-and-crafts era tiled floors, floral mosaic ceilings and a gilded altar…

2. Cerro La Movediza

3.01 MILES

At the north edge of town, the Piedra Movediza, a 300-tonne stone, teetered precariously atop Cerro La Movediza for many years before finally falling in…