On the west bank of the Río Uruguay, midway between Colón and Concordia, 8500-sq-km Parque Nacional El Palmar preserves the last extensive stands of yatay palm on the Argentine littoral. In the 19th century the native yatay covered large parts of Entre Ríos, Uruguay and southern Brazil, but the intensification of agriculture, ranching and forestry throughout the region destroyed much of the palm savanna.

Reaching a maximum height of about 18m, with a trunk diameter of 40cm, the larger specimens clustered throughout the park create a striking and soothing subtropical landscape that lends itself to photography. The grasslands and the gallery forests along the watercourses shelter much wildlife.

Park admission (valid for 48 hours) is collected at the entrance on RN 14 from 7am to 7pm, but the gate is open 24 hours.