Museum of Archaeology


This one-room museum houses a well-preserved 3rd-century mosaic floor and has a display about the nearby ruins at Butrint. It's one block behind the harbour.

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Nearby Saranda attractions

1. Ethnological Museum

0.06 MILES

Housed in Saranda's old customs house overlooking the town wharf, this interesting museum contains many fascinating photographs from the communist era,…

2. Synagogue

0.08 MILES

These ruins of a 5th-century synagogue are located right in the heart of town and provide evidence of one of the earliest Balkan-Jewish communities. There…

3. Saranda Art Gallery


This excellent gallery overlooking the seafront has high-quality temporary exhibits, with many works coming down from the National Gallery in Tirana.

4. Lekursi Castle

1.11 MILES

This former castle is now a very average restaurant, but come here for the superb views over Saranda and Butrint lagoon, especially at sunset. A taxi here…

5. Butrint

8.87 MILES

Early in the morning, before the tourist crowds arrive and when the rocks are still tinged in the yellow dawn light, you might just imagine that the…

6. Blue Eye Spring

10.38 MILES

The Blue Eye Spring is a magical place: a hypnotic pool of deep blue water surrounded by electric-blue edges like the iris of an eye. It's further…

7. Bunec

10.93 MILES

The last relatively undeveloped spot on the Albanian Riviera, before the urban sprawl of Saranda begins, is Bunec. The pebbly beach is divided in two by a…

8. Folklore Museum

12.08 MILES

An enjoyable mishmash of everything from accordions and olive presses to puppets and phones, this cavernous private museum is a fun place to learn about…