Dinas Island

North Pembrokeshire

The great wedge-shaped profile of Dinas Island juts out from the coast between Fishguard and Newport. It's not really an island as it's attached to the mainland by a neck of land, framed on either side by picturesque coves – the sandy strand of Pwllgwaelod to the west, and the rocky inlet of Cwm-yr-Eglwys to the east, where you can see the ruin of 12th-century St Brynach's Church, destroyed by the great storm of 1859.

The circuit of the headland (3 miles) makes an excellent walk, with the chance of spotting seals and dolphins from the 142m-high cliffs at Dinas Head, the northernmost point; a path across the neck between Pwllgwaelod and Cwm-yr-Eglwys allows you to return to your starting point.

Buses between Newport and Fishguard stop at Dinas Cross, which is just over a mile from Pwllgwaelod.