Tourists experience Stand up paddle boarding at My Khe beach, Da Nang City, Vietnam.

Quang nguyen vinh

My Khe Beach

Quang Ngai

A world away from the sombre atmosphere of the Son My Memorial, but only a couple of kilometres down the road, My Khe is a superb beach, with fine white sand and good swimming. It stretches for kilometres along a thin, casuarina-lined spit of sand, separated from the mainland by Song Kinh Giang, a body of water just inland from the beach.

If you avoid holidays and weekends you've a good chance of having this pretty beach largely to yourself. The shoreline's profile is gently shelving so it's great for children.

Dozens of seafood shacks are spread along the shore, all in a line, and gallons of beer are guzzled on warm weekends.

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