Phat Tich Truc Lam Ban Gioc Pagoda

Cao Bang

There are great views of the Ban Gioc Waterfall and the entire karst valley from this hillside pagoda and temple.

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1. Ban Gioc Waterfall

0.24 MILES

Ban Gioc is one of Vietnam’s best-known waterfalls, and its image adorns the lobby of many a cheap guesthouse. The falls, fed by the Quay Son River that…

2. Nguom Ngao Cave

1.21 MILES

About 4km from Ban Gioc Waterfall, 2km up a side valley, Nguom Ngao Cave is one of the most spectacular cave systems in Vietnam. Created by an underground…

3. Detian Waterfall


Detian Waterfall belongs to the Chungui River (春归河, Chūnguīhé), which flows between China and Vietnam. The river is only 30m across in this upstream…

4. Tongling Grand Canyon

22.48 MILES

Located in Baise prefecture (百色市), Jingxi County (靖西县), the name of this gorge means 'Connected to the Spirit World'. You will certainly feel spiritual as…