Lost Maples State Natural Area

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Lost Maples State Natural Area

The foliage spectacle in October and November at Lost Maples is as colorful as any in New England. In fall, big-tooth maple trees turn shocking golds, reds, yellows and oranges. In the summertime there’s good swimming in the Sabinal River. Hiking trails take visitors into rugged limestone canyons and prairielike grasslands populated by bobcats, javelinas and gray foxes.

Bird-watching is another popular attraction at Lost Maples due to green kingfishers, who take up residence in the park year-round. Also throughout the year, campers will find back-country areas where they can pitch a tent, as well as more convenient sites supplied with water, electricity and nearby showers.

The park can close for up to three hours in the fall if the parking lots are full. It's located 5 miles north of Vanderpool and 40 miles west of Bandera.

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