Sturgis Motorcycle Museum

Black Hills

This small hall-of-fame-style museum packs in a surprising number of bikes, including vintage and rare models. Its Hall of Fame honors luminaries in the world of hogs.

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1. Days of '76 Museum

10.45 MILES

Tells the story of the Days of '76 celebration, an annual tradition honoring the town's inception in 1876. There's Native American artifacts, gun displays…

2. Mt Moriah Cemetery


Calamity Jane (born Martha Jane Burke; 1852–1903) and Wild Bill Hickok (1837–76) rest side by side up on Boot Hill at this very steep cemetery. Pick up…

3. Main Street Shootouts

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4. Adams Museum

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Recently revitalized, this museum does an excellent job of capturing the town's colorful past. There's also a small store with books on the region.

5. Trial of Jack McCall Reenactment

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The trial of Jack McCall, shooter of Wild Bill Hickok, is reenacted with audience participation at 8pm. In this trial he's found innocent, though he later…

6. Sanford Lab Homestake Visitor Center

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8. Statues of Presidents

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From a shifty-eyed Nixon in repose to a triumphant Harry Truman, lifelike statues dot corners throughout the center of Rapid City. Collect all 42. Maps…