Kyle Hot Springs

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Soaking in the sulfuric water of this remote hot spring will turn your skin baby soft, and the endless view across the valley from the tub will seriously mellow your mood. It is on private property, and locals have set up soaking tubs facing the valley with taps to control the temperature, and it's all free! Just leave the place better than you found it is all they ask.

To get here, take exit 149 off the I-80 at Imlay (45 miles southwest of Winnemucca), then drive south on SR 400 for about six miles. When the pavement ends, turn left on Kyle Hot Springs Rd and drive four miles to the end; this road is well maintained and accessible by 2WD. On your way back, carry on past the T-junction for SR 400 up to the other side of the valley for a look at Mark Twain's old stomping grounds at Unionville.

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