Great Basin National Park

A panoply of stars dazzles overhead on clear nights while bristlecone pines grow older by the century on rugged mountain slopes in Great Basin National Park – a gorgeous place to ponder your insignificance. The range reaches its zenith with Wheeler Peak, a 13,063ft ice-sculpted horn, which shelters a tenacious glacier. Hiking and camping opportunities abound, as well as spelunking and snowshoeing, well into summer. You’ll find stone arches and thousand-year-old wall paintings, as well as mountain canyons tickled by burbling brooks, quaking green-and-white aspens and shy mule deer and marmots.


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December 26, 2019. The rare Annular "ring of fire" solar eclipse as seen from the Corniche road in Doha, Qatar. Annular eclipses occur when the Moon is not close enough to the Earth to completely obscure the Sun, leaving a thin ring of the solar disc visible.


Don't fall in: Here's where to view the "ring of fire" eclipse in the US

Oct 5, 2023 • 3 min read


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