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However, business flagged after WWII and with the steel market crash in 1982, Pueblo's steady decline turned into a free fall, which has only recently abated. But all that history makes for an interesting downtown wander. Seventy buildings and places are listed in the national historic registry, and plaques have been installed detailing local history along Grand and Union Aves, between 1st and B Sts.

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From Santa Fe to Bandelier National Monument Tour with Guide

Bandelier National Park: a journey to the ancient Anasazi ruins of a time gone by. On this tour you will explore the cave dwellings and climb numerous ladders to peek into their homes on the sunny side of Frijoles Canyon. The Pueblo people are descendants of hunters and gatherers who came into the region over 10,000 years ago. “Anasazi” is a Navajo term referring to the ancestors of Pueblo people before the coming of the Spanish. They were farmers who grew maize (corn), beans and squash. Cotton was cultivated and woven into garments. The people made winter blankets ingeniously woven of yucca-fiber string twisted with turkey feathers or strips of rabbit skin. They fashioned tools from animal, bones, wood and local stones such as obsidian and basalt.There is a sense of solitude at Bandelier National Park that is refreshing and relaxing. Enjoy your day exploring with a friendly and knowledgeable guide.

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Taos Pueblo Exclusive Lunch

Meet your host in their traditional home at Taos Pueblo; the oldest inhabited village in North America and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here, you will have an exclusive, one of a kind experience. See how a family lives 'the old way' - without running water or electricity. This unique peek into real Pueblo life is unusual as Pueblo people do not typically open their homes to visiting tourists. This tour lasts approximately one hour but could go longer depending on your questions and conversation. We encourage you to take the 30-minute, free, group tour of Taos Pueblo offereed every 20-30 minutes and included with the admission to Taos Pueblo before you meet your host for lunch. This provides a good base for information of Taos Pueblo and a starting point for your conversation with your host. Because Taos Pueblo is a traditional village honoring centuries-old customer, the Pueblo closes to the public, sometimes with very little notice for ceremonies and other occasions. In the event that the Pueblo is closed on your scheduled tour, you may either postpone to a future date or receive a full refund.