Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area

National Park in Grand Coulee Dam Area

Dry, sunny weather prevails here, drawing people to camp and play on the lake's southern white-sand beaches. As the lake inches its way north to Canada, the desert cliffs and high coulee walls give way to rolling hills and orchards, becoming dense forests of ponderosa pine around Kettle Falls.

As recreation areas go, Lake Roosevelt remains refreshingly undeveloped, and few roads penetrate its isolated shoreline. To explore the area at any great length you'll need a boat. The lake offers a plethora of boat launches, with fees starting at $6 for seven days and $40 for a year. One of the best places to organize other water-based activities – such as fishing, canoeing and water-skiing – is at the Keller Ferry Campground, 14 miles north of the town of Wilbur. The free Keller Ferry crosses Lake Roosevelt near the campground, linking to Hwy 21 and providing access to the Sanpoil River and the town of Republic to the north.

To uncover the history of the area visit Fort Spokane Museum & Visitor Center off Hwy 25, 23 miles north of Davenport, where original fort buildings from 1880 tell the story of how white settlers attempted to quell the region's Native American tribes.

Your best bet for general information about the area is the Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area Headquarters, in Coulee Dam.