Grand Canyon West (West Rim)

Viewpoint in Hualapai Reservation & Skywalk

Nowadays, the only way to visit Grand Canyon West, the section of the Grand Canyon overseen by the Hualapai Nation, is to purchase a package tour. These include a hop-on, hop-off shuttle ride, which loops to scenic points along the rim. Tours can include lunch, cowboy activities at an ersatz Western town and informal American Indian performances.

All but the cheapest packages include admission to the Grand Canyon Skywalk, the horseshoe-shaped glass bridge cantilevered 4000ft above the canyon floor. Jutting out almost 70ft over the canyon, the Skywalk allows visitors to see the canyon through the glass walkway. Another stop, the unfortunately named Guano Point, offers fantastic canyon and river views.

Since would-be visitors to the Skywalk are required to purchase a package tour – and the extra-cost Skywalk is the primary draw – the experience can be a pricey prospect, best reserved for those with limited time whose only option for canyon views is a day trip from Las Vegas.