Picacho Peak State Park

Southern Arizona

The westernmost battle of the American Civil War was fought near this distinctive peak (3374ft) in 1862: a small band of Confederate Arizona Rangers killed three Union cavalrymen. After the skirmish, Confederate soldiers retreated to Tucson and dispersed, knowing full well that they would soon be greatly outnumbered. The battle is reenacted every March with lots of pomp, circumstance and period costumes. The visitor center at this pretty state park acts as a jump-off point for trails onto the mountain.

If you're fit, you can walk to the peak of the mountain via a rugged trail that includes cables and catwalks. Spring, when the wildflowers are in bloom, is particularly appealing. Camping is available at 85 electric, bookable sites, suitable for tents or RVs (sites $30). No water hookups, but wi-fi is available for a fee. The park is 40 miles northwest of Tucson.

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