Mukluk Land

Top choice in The Interior

It's hard to miss Mukluk Land. The entrance, after all, is marked by a giant red boot. But more importantly: you shouldn't miss Mukluk Land. Is it a theme park? Sure – this is Disney World...if Disney World were made by Alaska backwoods folks working with whatever they had at their fingertips. There may be no better manmade roadside attraction in the state.

At first glance, this looks like a junkyard. But within said junkyard is an odd tour of Tok and the Interior, with 'exhibits' ranging from an outhouse museum to World War II military vehicles, to pump-house generators, to a Santa Claus rocket ship (trust us), to several abandoned houses filled with a creepy doll collection that must surely be a portal to Hell. Funhouse games – Skee-ball, electronic darts, minigolf, and the like – abound, and of course, there's a bounce house in the middle of everything. Run by a retired schoolteacher and his wife, Mukluk Land even publishes its own newspaper, and hosts curious tourists and kids from Tok on a daily basis.