Tolovana Hot Springs

The Interior

These rustic, privately managed springs can be accessed on a taxing 11-mile overland hike south from Mile 93 on the Elliot Highway. Facilities consist of outdoor wood tubs bubbling with 125°F (51°C) to 145°F (62°C) water, outhouses, a drinking water barrel and three cabins that must be reserved in advance. The trailhead isn’t signposted, so contact the managers for directions.

During the winter, you can also access the springs via 25- and 50-mile trials, which can be used by skiers, mushers and those with snowmobiles. In any case, you can't get out here without some solid backcountry experience; fair warning. Once you are here, it's a sweet rustic spot that is indescribably lovely. The springs are outdoors, so you'll be relaxing in the water while the stars, and if you're lucky, the Northern Lights, burn unimpeded above your eyes.

Note that rates go up by around $20 from mid-February through April, which is the peak season at the springs.