Regional Museum

The Carpathians

Within the town hall lurks the Soviet-era Regional Museum, which has displays on various archaeological digs in the region, a worthwhile room of folk art from the Carpathians, exhibitions relating to the history of Ivano-Frankivsk and a whole wing of goggle-eyed taxidermy.

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1. Ratusha

In addition to housing the tourist office and the museum, Frankivsk's art-deco town hall, the only one built in this style in the country, is an…

2. Former Armenian Church

0.07 MILES

A few steps off pl Rynok stands this eye-pleasingly symmetrical baroque church built by the Armenian community in 1762. Beyond the golden doors the…

3. Cathedral of the Holy Resurrection

0.08 MILES

The city's punctiliously renovated Greek Catholic cathedral is a fine example of baroque symmetry crafted in the mid-18th century. Huge bronzes of St…

4. Precarpathian Art Museum

0.09 MILES

Ensconced in the 17th-century Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the city's oldest building, this museum is packed with a jumble of religious sculptures…

5. Regional Administration Building

0.14 MILES

Nicknamed the 'White House', this Soviet-realist hulk is worth seeing for its sheer size and bombast. The two glum-looking traditional Ukrainian musician…

6. Main Fountain

0.19 MILES

The dominating feature on maydan Vichevy is the fountain, a popular meeting spot. If you descend the steps below the fountain's main 'bowl', you can stand…

7. Taras Shevchenko Park

1.12 MILES

Around 1.6km south of the Rynok, the city's main stretch of green is a great place to shake out the picnic blanket, hire a rowboat on the lake or chill…