If you liked Chufut-Kale and want more, head to Mangup-Kale, the peninsula's most spectacular cave city. Located 22km south of Bakhchysaray, this remote plateau is in the shape of a hand with four fingers. Allocate at least three hours for the return hike from the base of the plateau.

Formerly the ancient capital of Feodoro, the principality of the 6th-century Ellinized Goths and Alans, this was an excellent fortress due to its sheer cliffs. It was finally abandoned in the 15th century.

The village at the base of the trail is called Khadzhi-Sala, reached from Bakhchysaray by marshrutka bound for Rodnoye (Родное; 8uah, five daily) or by taxi (150uah). There are several guesthouses where you can overnight in case you are stuck. The large village Zalisne (Zalesnoye in Russian), 2km before Khadzhi-Sala (coming from Bakhchysaray), has more transport options.

In Khadzhi-Sala, there is a booth selling tickets (20uah) and useful Russian-language maps of the cave city. A trail leading up the plateau between two fingers begins about 100m to your right. At the top of the ridge follow the trail to the furthest finger of land until you see a large stone gateway and a long wall. Beyond are carved-out chambers and caves. The most impressive is the final cave room, carved out of the very tip of the cliff with stairs leading down the west side to a burial chamber.