Columbus Landfall National Park

Turks & Caicos

This scrubby patch of shorefront, most popular with mosquitoes, commemorates Columbus' putative landing on the island in 1492. The park extends out into the water to encompass its true treasure: the reef and 7000ft wall beloved of divers.

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1. Governor's Beach

0.51 MILES

Backed by the pines and low scrub of Columbus Landfall National Park and adorned by the picturesque (or ugly, depending on your view) iron hulk of a…

3. White Sands Beach

1.51 MILES

Just beyond the cruise terminal, this attractive stretch of sand is a pleasure.

4. General Post Office

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One of Front Street's most notable buildings, the colonial post office was once the private home of one of Grand Turk's leading families, and functioned…

5. HM Prison

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The island's well preserved 18th-century prison closed to inmates in 1994 and is now open to visitors for self-guided tours. You can see the cells and…

6. Turks & Caicos National Museum

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This great little museum has everything from shipwrecks to messages in bottles and crash-landed spacecraft. Artifacts from the Molasses Reef wreck, the…

7. Lighthouse


Standing on a bluff high above the notorious northeast reef, wrecker of many ships and nearly of the salt industry (cargo ships began to balk at the…

8. North Bay

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Grace Bay Beach in Provo may get all the accolades, but 5km-long North Bay beach is every bit as stunning – just without the resorts or people. You can…