Antioch in Pisidia alternatively Antiochia in Pisidia or Pisidian Antioch and in Roman Empire, Latin: Antiochia Caesareia or Antiochia Colonia Caesarea – is a city in the Turkish Lakes Region, which is at the crossroads of the Mediterranean, Aegean and Central Anatolian regions, and formerly on the border of Pisidia and Phrygia, hence also known as Antiochia in Phrygia. The site lies approximately 1 km northeast of Yalvaç, the modern town of Isparta Province, Turkey. The city is on a hill with its highest point of 1236 m in the north.



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Antiocheia-in-Pisidia is a largely unexcavated ancient Pisidian city, about 2km from Yalvaç. St Paul of Tarsus visited several times (as recorded in the Bible's Acts of the Apostles). Located on the strategic borderland of ancient Phrygia and Pisidia, it became an important Byzantine city, but was abandoned in the 8th century after Arab attacks.

After the gate, a Roman road leads up past triumphal arch foundations, then turns right to the theatre. Further uphill, on a flat area surrounded by a semicircular rock wall, is the main shrine. Originally dedicated to the Anatolian mother goddess Cybele, and later to the moon god Men, it became an imperial Roman cult temple of Augustus. On the left you will see the nymphaeum, once a spring.

Several Antiocheian aqueduct arches are visible across the fields. Downhill from the nymphaeum, ruined Roman baths feature several excavated large chambers, and a largely intact original ceiling. The foundations of St Paul's Basilica also remain.

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