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Out Islands

This beautiful string of pink-sand beaches near Stella Maris includes a sheltered 'swimming pool' (a calm stretch of water protected by rocks) for little ones to paddle in safety.

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1. Hermitage Estate

20.56 MILES

Moldering testament to the failed attempts of planters loyal to George III to establish cotton in the Bahamian Archipelago, these ruins date to the late…

2. Salt Beacon

20.83 MILES

This 10m-high Tuscan-style pillar was erected on a hill to guide ships to collect salt during the heyday of salt production in the late 18th century. A…

4. Rolle Town Tombs

28.19 MILES

In a clearing south of Rolle Town lie three lonely Loyalist tombs, one dated 1792 and shaped like a stone double bed. The plaque notes that the 26-year…