Similan Viewpoint

Phang-Nga Province

For a brief taste of Ko Similan's jungly interior, there's an easy 2.5km hike through the forest to this viewpoint that offers ocean vistas.

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1. Ko Similan

0.36 MILES

The biggest of the Similan Islands has hikes to viewpoints; overnight stays are now banned.

2. Similan Islands Marine National Park

0.95 MILES

This beautiful 70-sq-km marine national park is known to divers the world over. Lying 70km offshore from Phang-Nga Province, it has smooth granite islands…

3. Sail Rock

1.05 MILES

On Ko Similan there’s a short, steep scramble off the main beach to the top of Sail Rock, though during daylight the path gets completely packed with day…

4. Sunset Point

5.74 MILES

From the Similan Islands Marine National Park Visitors Centre, you can walk for 20 minutes through forest to this viewing point, a great place to catch…

5. Ko Bon

15.83 MILES

In 1998, the Similan Islands Marine National Park was expanded from its original nine islands to include uninhabited Ko Bon and Ko Tachai. The west ridge…