Ao Manao

Ko Samui & the Lower Gulf

Five kilometres east of town, Ao Manao is a superb strip of palm tree-fringed sand. You'll likely have it all to yourself, unless it's a public or Muslim holiday.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Ko Samui & the Lower Gulf attractions

1. Yum Iyah Mosque

1.91 MILES

Towards the southern end of Th Pichitbumrung stands Yum Iyah Mosque, a mosque built in the Sumatran style and known locally as the 'old central mosque'…

2. Hat Narathat

1.97 MILES

Just north of town is Hat Narathat, a 5km-long sandy beach fronted by towering pines, which serves as a public park for locals. The beach is only 2km from…

3. Wat Khao Kong

5.86 MILES

The tallest seated-Buddha image in southern Thailand is at Wat Khao Kong, 8km southwest of town on the way to the train station in Tanyongmat. Located in…

4. Wat Pikulthong

27.63 MILES

On the apex of a mound of earth, this gold mosaic standing Buddha shimmers under a tropical sun.

5. Wat Kok Seraya

28.34 MILES

Wat Kok Seraya features a golden stupa and a statue of a standing female Buddha.

6. Wat Phothivihan

28.55 MILES

Wat Phothivihan features a colourful 40m-long reclining Buddha statue. It is one of the largest Buddhist statues in Southeast Asia.

7. Wat Maisuwankiri

28.97 MILES

Wat Maisuwankiri, near the village of Kampung Bukit Tanah, boasts a ‘floating temple’, a richly decorated dragon boat surrounded by a murky moat.