Wat Phra Kaew

Chiang Khong

Buddhist temple in the centre of Chiang Khong.

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Nearby Chiang Khong attractions

1. Wat Luang

0.13 MILES

A riverside Buddhist temple in Chiang Khong.

3. Morning Market

0.54 MILES

Chiang Khong's morning market is the place to come for fresh produce.

4. Afternoon Market

0.65 MILES

Chiang Khong's afternoon market offers a variety of fresh produce.

5. Wat Keophone Savanthanaram

0.77 MILES

Wat Keophone Savanthanaram features murals of gruesome torture scenes on the north wall of the sǐm (ordination hall), while on the slope above a long…

6. Main Market

0.85 MILES

Tucked in the valley behind Fort Carnot is Huay Xai's vibrant main market.

7. Wat Jom Khao Manilat

0.88 MILES

One of the principal Buddhist temples in town; stairs lead up to its hilltop summit from the centre of town.

8. Wat Khonekeo Xaiyaram

1.55 MILES

Wat Khonekeo Xaiyaram, in Ban Khonekeo, has a lavish frontage with dazzling red, gold and green pillars and doors.