Mbeya Peak

Southern Highlands

Just northwest of Mbeya is Mbeya Peak (2820m). It's the highest point in the Mbeya Range and makes an enjoyable day hike, best done by arranging a local guide through your hotel or a Mbeya travel agency.

There are several possible routes. One goes from Mbalizi junction, 12km west of town on the Tunduma road. Take a dalla-dalla to Mbalizi, get out at the sign for Utengule Coffee Lodge, head right and follow the dirt road for 1km to a sign for St Mary’s Seminary. Turn right here and follow the road up past the seminary to Lunji Farm and then on to the peak. With a vehicle, you can park at Lunji Farm and continue on foot. Allow five hours for the return trip, and only climb accompanied by a guide, which you can arrange at Mbeya travel agencies or through most hotels.

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