Southeastern Tanzania

A good place to start exploring in the Mafia archipelago, especially around the crumbling but atmospheric ruins, dating from the 19th century. Also on Chole is what's probably East Africa’s only Fruit Bat Sanctuary (Comoros lesser fruit bat), thanks to the efforts of a local women’s group who bought the area where an important nesting tree is located.

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1. Mafia Island Marine Park

0.83 MILES

At around 822 sq km, Mafia Island Marine Park is the largest marine protected area in the Indian Ocean, sheltering a unique complex of estuarine, mangrove…

2. Juani

1.99 MILES

The large and heavily vegetated island of Juani, southeast of Mafia, has overgrown but evocative ruins at Kua. This includes the remains of several…

3. Jibondo


Sparsely vegetated Jibondo is less aesthetically appealing than Mafia's other islands, and its inhabitants are traditionally unwelcoming towards visitors…