Île aux Oiseaux

The Tuamotus

To the east of the lagoon, a crescent-shaped coral spit covered in small shrubs is a favourite nesting place for oio (brown noddies), tara (great creasted terns) and red-footed boobies.

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1. Marae Papiro

0.43 MILES

Marae Papiro is a well-kept marae (traditional temple) on the edge of a hoa, about 14km from the village. In the centre of this marae you can see the…

2. Rocher de la Tortue

2.14 MILES

The Rocher aux Tortues refers to a big coral outcrop lying about 4.5km north of the village on the exterior reef. Its base has been undercut by water…

3. Pahua

4.17 MILES

The tiny village of Pahua is divided by a pass a few metres wide and no deeper than 1.5m, suitable only for very small boats. A bridge spans the pass and…