French Polynesia

Taravai had a population of 2000 when the missionaries arrived, but today only about five people live here. The 1868 Église Saint-Gabriel (Church of St Gabriel), with its gorgeous shell decoration, is well maintained and has a picturesque arch that welcomes you from the shore.

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1. Couvent Rouru

4.59 MILES

The eerily beautiful remains of Rouru Convent, which once housed 60 nuns, stands south of the cemetery and is quickly becoming engulfed by weeds. It’s…

2. Cathédrale Saint-Michel

4.59 MILES

Fully restored in 2011, the imposing Cathedral of St Michael was built between 1839 and 1848 and was Laval’s most ambitious project. It makes a colourful…

3. Akamaru

8.24 MILES

Akamaru was the first island to be visited by Laval, and his majestic 1841 Église Nôtre-Dame-de-la-Paix (Our Lady of Peace Church) still stands on the…

4. Aukena

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Aukena has reminders of the missionary period, including the hexagonal lookout tower, still used as a landmark, the former seminary and the lime kiln. The…

5. Motu Tauna

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Picture this: there’s a white-sand beach lapped by turquoise waters, palm trees leaning over the shore, and great snorkelling options. This deserted islet…