Palazzo del Comune


Bellinzona’s restored Renaissance town hall is worth a peek for its beautiful three-storey inner courtyard of loggias and frescoes showing historic scenes of Bellinzona.

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1. Piazza Collegiata

0.08 MILES

This cobblestone square is framed by graceful 18th-century patrician houses, many with decorative wrought-iron balconies.

2. Chiesa di San Rocco

0.08 MILES

This ochre-hued church is noteworthy for its huge fresco of St Christopher and a smaller one of the Virgin Mary and Christ.

4. Museo di Castelgrande

0.15 MILES

This museum has a modest collection of finds from Castelgrande's hill dating to prehistoric times. More engaging are the 15th-century ceiling decorations…

5. Castelgrande

0.15 MILES

Rising dramatically above the Old Town, this medieval stronghold is Bellinzona’s most visible icon. Head up Salita San Michele from Piazza Collegiata, or…

6. Castello di Montebello

0.21 MILES

On cloudless days, you can see Lake Maggiore from this 13th-century hilltop fortification. The fortress is one of Bellinzona’s most impressive with its…

7. Chiesa di Santa Maria delle Grazie

0.39 MILES

This 15th-century church has an extraordinary fresco cycle (recently restored after being damaged by fire in 1996) of the life and death of Christ. The…

8. Chiesa di San Biagio


This 14th-century church is one of Bellinzona’s most evocative with its original frescoes of the medieval Lombard-Siena school.