Archaeological Museum

Jaffna & the North

This museum is unlikely to impress if you’re arriving from the ancient cities, but some of the pinched-faced terracotta figures from Kilinochchi (4th to 5th century) are delightfully primitive, while the central hexagonal chamber has some fine 5th-to-8th-century Buddha statues in Mannar limestone. The best feature may be the shady yard.

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2. Grand Jummah Mosque

0.17 MILES

A grand mosque awash in aqua tiling, with shiny gold onion domes. It's at the centre of the market area.

3. Clock Tower

0.33 MILES

Right in the centre of town. Has a flashy digital display.

4. Kandasamy Kovil

0.35 MILES

This photogenic Murugan (Skanda) temple has a very ornate, if faded, gopuram (gateway tower) and a gold-clad image in its sanctum. Walk back through the…

6. Madukanda Vihara

5.82 MILES

The quietly charming Madukanda Vihara is a Rs 250 three-wheeler ride from central Vavuniya, beyond the 3km post southeast on the A29. It was reputedly the…

7. Our Lady of Madhu Church

21.37 MILES

This mainland church is Sri Lanka’s most hallowed Christian monument (though it's thought to be have been constructed over an ancient Hindu shrine). Its…

8. Kaparamula

27.32 MILES

This mula, or college, housed the bulk of Anuradhapura's many foreign monks and it was probably here that Chinese pilgrim Fa Xian spent two years studying…