Must-see attractions in Arcos de la Frontera

  • Plaza del Cabildo

    Arcos de la Frontera

    Lined with fine ancient buildings, Plaza del Cabildo is the heart of Arcos' old town, its vertiginous mirador affording exquisite panoramas over the Río…

  • Convento de las Mercedarias

    Arcos de la Frontera

    If it's open, step into the vestibule of this working 1642 convent, push a bell, and a concealed cloistered nun on the other side of a wooden partition…

  • Iglesia de San Pedro

    Arcos de la Frontera

    Containing a 16th-century main altarpiece said to be the oldest in Cádiz province, this Gothic-baroque confection contains one of Andalucía's most…

  • Mirador

    Arcos de la Frontera

    Arcos' standout lookout point, on Plaza del Cabildo in the heart of the old town, has spectacular views over the Río Guadalete, which is flanked by olive…

  • Mirador de Abadés

    Arcos de la Frontera

    For more sprawling panoramas of Arcos, the Río Guadalete and the surrounding country, seek out this small viewpoint at the southeastern end of the old…

  • Castillo de los Duques

    Arcos de la Frontera

    Originally an 11th-century Moorish alcázar (fortress), Arcos' castle was extensively rebuilt in the 14th and 15th centuries. It's closed to the public,…

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