Ratlhogo Waterhole Hide

North West Province

Busier than most hides as it's just off the main drag, Ratlhogo still has fine views of the rolling bushveld, hills, wading birds and even the odd predator.

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1. Mankwe Hide

3.99 MILES

The Mankwe Hide can be good for birdlife, but gets overrun by vehicles close to sunset – it's the most accessible of the hides and it's where most…

2. Fish Eagle Picnic Site

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This elevated and fenced picnic sight overlooks the Mankwe Dam from on high, but most vantage points are closed off by dense and rather scruffy foliage…

3. Malatse Dam Hide

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6. Mothata Picnic Site

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This fenced picnic site is pleasant enough, but wildlife is fairly scarce and views are limited.

7. Batlhako Dam Hide


Batlhako Dam Hide, in the park's west, gets very few visitors and is excellent for birds; keep an eye out also for rhinos nearby and take the detour to…

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You never quite know what you'll get at this hide, although you'll probably have it to yourself as not many people make it out here. Hippos, lions,…