Kruger National Park

This waterhole north of Berg-en-dal usually lives up to its name (renoster is rhino in Afrikaans). Late afternoon is best.

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Nearby Kruger National Park attractions

1. Afsaal Picnic Spot

2.84 MILES

One of Kruger's designated picnic spots with decent shade. Between Malelane Gate and Skukuza.

2. Steilberg Loop

5.01 MILES

Located near Berg-en-dal, the steep S120 loop drive offers great views of the Malelane Mountain bushveld.

3. Transport Dam

14.12 MILES

This large water hole is where the famous YouTube video 'Battle at Kruger' (lions versus buffaloes versus croc) was filmed.

4. Mathekenyane

17.8 MILES

The top of this granite kopje south of Skukuza has an uninterrupted panorama of the surrounding wilderness (best at sunset).

5. Nkuklu Picnic Spot

27.81 MILES

One of Kruger's designated picnic spots. Between Skukuza and Lower Sabie. It's in a wildlife-rich area (elephants in particular love the riverbed when it…

6. Sunset Dam

28.9 MILES

On the doorstep of Lower Sabie, the dam is often alive with birdlife, hippos, crocs and more. Given its proximity to the rest camp, it can get busy.