Ancient rock art at Laas Geelcave complex.

Eric Lafforgue


A few decades ago Somalia was a magnet for travellers and, with a bit of luck and a following wind, it could be again. But right now the country is still unsafe for foreigners, with its people, places and infrastructure still recovering from over 25 years of brutal civil war. The situation is not insurmountable. There are increasing signs of hope and Mogadishu, the capital, is experiencing an urban boom thanks to massive investments from returning Somalis. And amid chaos, there is a success story: the self-proclaimed nation of Somaliland, north of the country, which has managed to retain something close to peace and stability. If Somalia does open up for travel, visitors will again be able to experience its fascinating culture and enjoy its natural attractions, bask on pristine beaches and trek across arid mountains.

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