East of Auki is this haunting cave, with stalagmites, several large subterranean chambers and an underground river. Caveat: it's very slippery – wear sturdy walking shoes. From Auki, you can take a taxi (S$100 return) then walk the final stretch (about five minutes) down to the entrance. It's best to go with a guide.

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Nearby Malaita attractions

1. Kwaibala Waterfall

2.65 MILES

If you need to refresh yourself, make a beeline for Kwaibala Waterfall, about 3km from Auki. This little waterfall drops into a few pools that beg…

2. Lilisiana

3.64 MILES

With its traditional-style houses raised on stilts over the shore, the friendly fishing village of Lilisiana, about 1.5km from Auki, is photogenic to boot…

3. Osi Lake

3.85 MILES

On the northern outskirts of Auki, this lake is a nature-lovers' paradise, home to colonies of seabirds. It can be explored in a dug-out. You might be…

4. Gwaunau'ru

4.39 MILES

If you want to get a taste of rural life and enjoy superb scenery without travelling too far from Auki, make a beeline for Gwaunaru'u. This sweet little…