Indian Temple

Sierra Leone

A functioning temple serving the city's Hindu population.

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Nearby Sierra Leone attractions

1. Lumley Beach

1.15 MILES

This wide sweep of beach has lost some of its atmosphere since the 2015 demolition of dozens of bamboo and thatch food shacks, and the numerous, ugly…

2. Lighthouse

2.06 MILES

This 19th-century lighthouse was refurbished in 2010.

3. King's Yard Gate

2.58 MILES

The ancestors of nearly all present-day Krios passed through King's Yard Gate, atop Tower Hill in the strategic military Martello Tower, built in 1805…

4. St John's Maroon Church

2.62 MILES

St John's Maroon Church is a squat white building with big windows built around 1820. An example of the area's Krio architecture, it was built by returned…

5. Sierra Leone National Museum

2.68 MILES

There are two galleries inside the Sierra Leone National Museum – one housing a collection of cultural and historical artefacts, including Temne Guerrilla…

6. Cotton Tree

2.71 MILES

Freetown's most famous landmark is the fat Cotton Tree, which looms large over the buildings of central Freetown. Rumoured to be hundreds of years old, it…

7. Law Courts

2.73 MILES

The ornate Law Courts have been beautifully restored following considerable war damage. Located immediately east of the Cotton Tree.

8. St George's Cathedral

2.75 MILES

Built in the early 1800s, this grand cathedral provides welcome respite from hectic downtown Freetown, as well as an interesting insight into the city's…