Parque Nacional Yanachaga-Chemillén

Amazon Basin

North of Oxapampa rear the cloud-capped hills of this little-visited park, preserving spectacular cloud forest and diverse flora and fauna, including the rare spectacled bear. The most accessible entrance is from a turning near Carolina Egg Guesthaus on the eastern edge of town. A 7km track, of which 5km is doable by car, corkscrews up to the reserve entrance. A glorious two-hour hike then leads to the top of the forest at Abra Esperanza (2420m and chilly).

A second park entrance lies at Yuritunqui (take a Pozuzo-bound minibus for 60km and ask the driver where to get off). Basic refugios (refuges) can be found at each entrance, and just below Abra Esperanza. Further information can be obtained at Oxapampa's INRENA office.

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