Reserva Nacional Lomas de Lachay

North Coast

Just a couple of hours' drive north of Lima, the Reserva Nacional Lomas de Lachay is a 5070-hectare natural reserve where moisture from coastal mists has created a unique microenvironment of dwarf forest, which conceals a plethora of small animals and birds. Its landscapes are unlike any others in the region. The park has campsites (adult/child S30/15) and picnicking areas, basic toilet facilities and trails.

The reserve is accessed by a 4.5km spur road leading off the Panamericana Norte at KM105. On weekends there are irregular colectivos running to the entrance; at other times you will have to hire a vehicle or hike for 45 minutes from the Pan-American Hwy. Regular buses on the Lima–Barranca route, including Turismo Barranca, can drop you at KM105.

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