Central Highlands

Huánuco's main cathedral is sadly not much of a looker, but not ugly enough to detract from the agreeable Plaza de Armas that it faces.

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Nearby Central Highlands attractions

1. Iglesia San Francisco

0.21 MILES

This is Huánuco’s most appealing church, with its mustard-colored duel cupolas, lavish baroque-style altars and interesting escuela cuzqueña (Cuzco school…

2. Iglesia de La Merced

0.22 MILES

Second-place in Huánuco's church beauty contest doesn't take too much effort; still, congratulations to Iglesia de La Merced.

3. Temple of Kotosh

2.79 MILES

This ruin is also known as the Temple of the Crossed Hands because of its highlight, a life-sized mud molding of a pair of crossed hands that dates to…