As the war continues to rage in Ukraine, forcing millions of people from their homes, volunteers have responded to help those fleeing the violence. To help them better connect with those in need, we have a language resource we're making available for free. 

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees estimates the war has uprooted more than 10 million people from their homes in Ukraine.

We know a range of volunteers  —  from nonprofit organizations to everyday citizens — have stepped up and will continue to provide comfort to those in need. To help bridge some of the common language barriers they might encounter, we’re making a PDF version of our Ukrainian phrasebook available to download for free online. 

Along with the pronunciation and English translation of common words and phrases, the phrasebook also provides important cultural context that might be helpful to individuals or organizations who are trying to respond to the humanitarian crisis. 

Whether you need it to better connect with someone fleeing violence or you just want to learn more about the Ukrainian language and culture, we hope that you find this a helpful resource and share it with others who might find it useful as well. 

Ukrainian Phrasebook & Dictionary © Lonely Planet

How to download Lonely Planet’s Ukrainian phrasebook for free

The free download of our Ukrainian phrasebook is available for both desktop and mobile devices. To access it, go to the shop section of Lonely Planet's website at

After you get to that page, you’ll find a blue “Download Phrasebook” button. Click and then follow the instructions for how to save it to your preferred device. 

How to save the phrasebook:

On desktop devices, once you have clicked on the link, you’ll need to click the download icon which appears as a downward arrow in the top right-hand corner.  You’ll then need to save it to your preferred folder. 

On mobile devices, once you have clicked on the link, you’ll also need to click the download icon on your device. Then, send it to your preferred ebook reading app.


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