Unveiled by Latvian design start-up Zeltini, the Z-Triton is a tiny electric camper that also transforms into a boat and a tricycle.

According to the company, the idiosyncratic vehicle has room for two people to sleep comfortably, and is aimed at travellers who like escaping to nature for both long adventures and quick getaways. The Z-Triton has three wheels that easily fold up, enabling quick transition from land to water mode. The tiny amphibious camper has been tested, and can be used in both winter and summer conditions.

The tricycle is designed to allow a user to travel in one direction while the boat mode goes in the other. It is equipped with two 250-watt electric motor hubs and a 36-volt battery that gives a 40-kilometre range of assistance depending on terrain and the riders leg-power. The vehicle includes lights, a horn, USB charging ports, seating that has been designed to be comfortable, an aerodynamic umbrella, two water bottle holders, a fold-up passenger seat with a safety belt, and a coffee cup holder. It even has a seat for a pet (which can be replaced with a child’s seat), six solar panels and a removable plant pot that is integrated into one of the chimneys. The pot was designed to allow the rider to bring something useful for cooking with while camping, such as basil, mint or dill.

To access water, the three wheels are folded up and inflatable pontoons are attached. In boat mode the Z-Triton has an electric motor that slots in and out. Steering and power cables attach to the engine and it’s ready to travel across lakes and rivers. The range is approximately ten kilometres, depending on the size of the battery. When stationary, it transforms into a tiny house with a hatch. It has interior lighting and an extractor fan for basic cooking. Six shelves are integrated into the interior for storing food and items. There is also a folding tiny kitchen and dining table. Seats are removed and stored and the interior space becomes a bedroom. 

The product is currently at design prototype stage, but the company has said that it plans to bring the Z-Triton to the market in time for the summer season of 2021. It will be available for individual purchases and for the tourism industry.

More information on the Z-Triton is available at the official Zeltini website.

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